Wolves of Roleplay

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Welcome to Wolves of Roleplay!

To begin, choose your pack and enroll your wolf!

What is Wolves of Roleplay?

     Wolves of Roleplay is a wolf pack roleplay formed around the actions of a real wolf pack. Everything done on this website is strictly secured, meaning that we do not allow any personal information to be shared. We hope you enjoy your journey with the Wolves of Roleplay!

What is a moderator and can they roleplay?

     Moderators are basically just people who have the ability to access personal forums. They are the "forum police", which means that they can stop heated discussions if they think it is possibly dangerous or not following the rules. Moderators are allowed to roleplay, but only as long as they are still doing their job.

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Pack Stats.


Swift Pack: 1 Member

Recruiting: All Ranks

Alpha: Oak


Medicine Wolves:



Shade Pack:  1 Members

Recruiting: All Ranks but beta.  Can ask but needs to know you can be trusted.



Medicine Wolves:





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